Friday, April 21, 2006

Long Lost Friend

Love Will Come Back

I don't love you anymore
We've all heard those words before
Somebody takes your heart and then
Leaves you the pieces

Lying shattered on the floor
They say that when you close a door
Another one is waiting there
For you to open... if you believe!

Love will come back
Hit you when you least expect it
Fill in the cracks
Of a broken heart you thought
That you could never mend
You, you can start again!

When you're barely getting by
And it's hard to find the strength to try
And loneliness is all you've known
If you let go... then you will find...

Oh, when you think you've lost the only way
All you really need
Is a little faith

Just let love return to you
You can start again!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why lonely?

I was in church today attending mass on Palm Sunday. There came a priest who was giving some "supposed-to-be" inspiring speech.

The issue that he mentioned is "Loneliness". From his point of view, one have to go through a lonely period before he/she able to set free from this materialistic world. An example he gave was the patient. When we send a sick person to hospital, doesn't means that we're sharing the pain and the suffer that the patient is undergoing. He is lonely. He is lonely because he's handling the suffer alone. Then he related to Jesus's situation. Jesus was alone when he's suffering from the crucifixtion. None of the Twelve is beside him when he was nailed on the cross. Even his beloved diciple - Simon Peter also disowned him for three times.

I was keep thinking on the situation the priest mentioned. Was the patient that lonely? How could he say so? Do we just judge a thing by how it looks? How do you know the patient wasn't mentally satisfied? How do you know Jesus wasn't spiritually contented? Maybe what the priest was trying to say is just the physically look which I'm not that agree with.

As in the Gospel we've read, Jesus knew he's going to be betrayed by his diciple. I'm sure he's fully prepared. Although all his diciples were not around him during his crucifixtion, I'm sure he's not alone. God is always there with him.

Peace be with you. Remember Jesus, love yourself.

Friday, April 07, 2006

~Loneliness and Emptiness~

Have you ever face the problem? You do look like you have a lot of friends, but in fact, those so-called "friends" don't really seems so close to you. Whenever you want a chat, who'll be the first person you think of? Whenever yo're in great joy, who'll be the first person you'd like to share? Here, what I mean is other than your own family members. For those who's not single anymore, you might just stop reading from here.

When you have a strong desire to go out for a walk, and here you come to a shopping mall. What you can see is the shoppers aren't alone. Not more than 5 in a group, and not less than 2 in a group. and when you look into the mirror of the boutique showcourse, you saw only yourselves. You have one-hundred-and-fifty-two contacts in your hanphone's phonebook. You have over two hundreds of contacts on your Instant Messenger list. You have taken photos with almost three hundred person in your lifetime. But when you are alone, who is/are in your mind?

At first you thought, "It's not a big deal, I can live very well by my own". In fact, you desperately wanted a friend to share all your thoughts with. Then, you starting to look for chatrooms. Looking at those strange but funny names, you told yourselve "Nah, this is not what i want". Then you try to look for a very busy job. You might know some new friends, you hoped. Then all turned into a busy life: you missed your breakfast for the first time, then second time, then third, ...... untill you end up in clinic. Okay, now you decided to let yourselve have a vacation. But what lies infront of you, you have no idea.

After the vacation, you went for a movie. Alone. In the cinema, what you got is just a pair of sore eyes. It costs you more than a movie ticket's money to buy an eyedrop. Then you're at home again. After the three hours of the incredibly long movie you felt a little tired. "Let's have a sleep!" you thought. Suddenly, a chinese idioms came across your mind.


"What to do? Life still go on."