Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why lonely?

I was in church today attending mass on Palm Sunday. There came a priest who was giving some "supposed-to-be" inspiring speech.

The issue that he mentioned is "Loneliness". From his point of view, one have to go through a lonely period before he/she able to set free from this materialistic world. An example he gave was the patient. When we send a sick person to hospital, doesn't means that we're sharing the pain and the suffer that the patient is undergoing. He is lonely. He is lonely because he's handling the suffer alone. Then he related to Jesus's situation. Jesus was alone when he's suffering from the crucifixtion. None of the Twelve is beside him when he was nailed on the cross. Even his beloved diciple - Simon Peter also disowned him for three times.

I was keep thinking on the situation the priest mentioned. Was the patient that lonely? How could he say so? Do we just judge a thing by how it looks? How do you know the patient wasn't mentally satisfied? How do you know Jesus wasn't spiritually contented? Maybe what the priest was trying to say is just the physically look which I'm not that agree with.

As in the Gospel we've read, Jesus knew he's going to be betrayed by his diciple. I'm sure he's fully prepared. Although all his diciples were not around him during his crucifixtion, I'm sure he's not alone. God is always there with him.

Peace be with you. Remember Jesus, love yourself.

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