Friday, August 17, 2007


Different places have different type of air.
What I mean here was the taste, the smell, and the feeling or touch of the air.
Even the air at home doesn't smell the same at the other place.
It would be better if sometimes really go out for a walk.
Without thinking anything. Without having anything to burden you.

Back at home is just another happy thing to be cheer about.
I've been leaving home for more than a month, as the feeling to go home was deeper than the sea.
It's good to be home.

I just had my another briefing of the field trip for Ichthyology.
I thought i will have enough for it, however, we are required to have a look on fishes again.
I was desperately to have field trip for the last semester. But there were none. Somehow when I do not wish for it, it comes.

Somehow, when I keep thinking that i will be happy staying at home for 2D1N, without cooking, without rushing to church, without the scorching hot weather, I have my own private space (do i have one in my rented house now?), I can even lie down and doing nothing, no need to worry bout laundry, no need to worry bout the house chores, no need to stay at home facing 4 walls more than 16 hrs a day.
This is what you call as happiness.

All I can say --
Home Sweet Home!

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