Thursday, August 16, 2007


I've never be such desperately to be back at home.
In my past life as a fulltime students, all i wanted was just outside and away from my home.
My parents usually works in a long hour a day, which means that we have a little time to spend together. Even thou when they are free, they will have their own entertainment which are tagged "only papa and mama can go". This mean, interaction between our family member doesn't have much.

Well, it doesn't mean that i am expecting the WARM family which is you are taken care of your parents 24-7 or you are be brought no matter where they go. Well, i admit that sometimes i DO envy those child who being pampered so much. However, i won't want to be as one.

It is very strange. As people grows, they tend to get more attention. No matter from friend or from family, even strangers. Please don't tell me you don't. This is the time where you actually live as nice as you could however you do not really feel the warmth from anyone around you. This is why you will need a home.

No matter how those people at home care for you recklessly, or how they really ignore you, sometimes you just tends to bond with them, as if when the world meets his end you will want to be with them for the last few minutes of yours. When at outside, no matter how hard you be, there will always be certain level of ignorance where the people may not as nice as you think they are. No matter how close you claim you are to them, there will always be certain level of isolation.

No man is an island, go back to your home no matter how sad or frustrated is the memory of your home bring to you.

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