Thursday, September 20, 2007

Felt leftout

Tends to listen back to some really old songs that I really like most in the past.
When listening to this song, a lot of lagged appearance of some memories keep flashing by.
Those I chose to forget.
Those i chose to remember but somehow I forgotten.
But when listen back to those significant song which symbolizes some period of time in your life, truly speaking, it is fun.

Thou sometimes when the song you heard even on the street, or accidentally heard from any source, which will give your heart a minor electric shock. The same old tune and rhythm that rush into your brain, stimulates those illustration which you have long buried in the deepest of your thoughts. Maybe the images that appeared will not be the happy thing, or maybe the saddest thing you have been through, but still, it is the remarkable period in your life.

That's the magic of sound or so call music.
Touching lyric that you heard during the situation is always a greatest impact onto your thoughts.
The lyric that keep repeating in your mind, regardless how many time you heard, it is still the same old nice song that you like.
I will never forget those song really signify the period. During my working time, my study period, song before the important days, memory of a friend, songs at the farewell, song in the lonely time, song which I will be listening whenever you need comfort when I find no one is there for me.

Will I get bored to those? Sometime I wonder.
Maybe. Maybe till I find the more special moment which will have me to let go of all this.

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