Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This is such amazing term in describing the relationship have I learned ever since I am here.
For University Use.
Is it possible to have another half of you just for this period?
Will you be truly and sincere to your friends when you know your friendship wouldn't last long?
This surely be the sad thing. As far in my thoughts, friendship will never exert any pressure on to us, unless there is emergency cases happened. Friendship will never burden us, or makes us feel breathing difficulties.

But what I seen from a friend recently, it is not so.
He really did sacrifices a lot for his so call friends while the friends of him is just like taking his contribution for granted. None of them seems to appreciate what he did.

Anyhow, such relationship will not last long.
For any relationship which is not contributed by both party or maybe more, such linkage will be easily overcome by anything.
That's the very solid true facts that I have learned in here.

Other than the very pure friendship, the other intimidated relationship also like such.
Maybe a stable but dull partner will not excite your life to any extend, but anyhow he or she will also give you the warmest hug or place to hang on when you are really out of hope.
Excitement doesn't seems to come from uncertainty.
Maybe I'm the man of control desire.

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