Friday, October 19, 2007


It always give me an inexplicable touchy feeling whenever I get a chance to have a look on the sunrise. It doesn't matter by the beach, or in the dusty city, or when you're in such a wonderful mood to kick off your day. I've been at home for a week's time, which all i did was just sizing up my appetite. I have learned some good news and some very bad news during my return this time.

My mom has the operation on her toe. I was not informed. I was so pissed off when I got to know this. What kind of family shall it be when you do not bothered to inform the people which are theoretically closer in the sense of blood-bond? The disappointment wasn't come from the suffer and pain of my mother, but the pain in deepest place in my heart that I wasn't informed on such important and serious matter. I felt that I'm no longer a close part in the family in which I was away when my mother is in deep pain of her loss. Even my siblings couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and rang me about this "small matter". Do you know that this is just make me to be such ignorant in people's eyes? Even me myself could not let go where I wasn't around my mother's side when she is in such pain. I'm speechless when my mother say:"what will do if I did informed you?You won't be possibly just rushed back to home!" No!! Ma~!! You're mistaken. Of course I will!! How many mother on earth do I have in my lifelong? It's just you! How could possibly you have said this to a son who is really concern bout you?!

This is the very sad news I've got from my return this time. Just wish that it won't be anything happened when I get back next time.

After a week of degeneracy, I've finally got my backside back to this little-isolated-country-sided-uncivilized area. I've regret for coming back so soon. This makes me feels bad. Have been disconnected from the happenings here for a week, wonder if there is anything that I can be updated. In fact, those who are closer gets closer, and those who are not, gets closer too. Sometimes it's just bothersome that when a new member is trying to mix around well (from what he thinks) with those who are initially bonded strongly. I don't know. Maybe i'm not the person who can be a easy-to-get-along-in-short-period. I just don't like it when it seems like something belongs to you is slowly being ripped of from your ownership. Well, somehow I realized there is such miscommunication problems occurred between friends. It is a very complicated problem which require some attention. This is also the problem which I wasn't aware of from the beginning of this life. Maybe more initiation has to made in future time. More dialogs have to be carry out. May be it's just like a friends said, True-or-Dare might be the necessary activity to be holding out.

Got chances to take some nice pics when flies all the way back here, it's just nice.
The Early Morning of LCCT
Beautiful sunrise from the upper air (Never! I mean NEVER! grab othe right hand side seat when you fly back from LCCT, unless you want to be blinded)

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