Saturday, December 01, 2007

Conclusions For 3rd Sem

Time really flies by. It was like yesterday when I still struggling for the accommodation problem at the beginning of the semester, running in and out for my course registration, busy like a bee where I was in Hell of Assignments (it's really hell lots of assignments and hell like when you need to hand in 5 in a week time).

There is some more days to go to face the final examination.
Has anyone play SIMS2: University before? My life in uni is just like theirs in the virtual world. Or maybe it would be better to say theirs are like ours. Assignments, tests, evaluations, and don't what did you absorbed from all the lectures you attended. Hmm, what good does it make? I bet is nothing. I always wonder what if we're just like the characters inside where we also manipulated by some force? Hmm.. sounds creepy right?

Looking back after been here for 3 semesters, suddenly I felt a little bit of loses. In this semester just a little bit of argument with friends, moving out was just another remarkable action which I just couldn't tell whether it's still a smart choice to call with. Getting to know my dad's hometown (more precisely) thoroughly and deeply was just another remarkable action that I did in this holidays. Wasn't it a great thing to know some place which you felt belong to happily and with also the exploration by your own selves? Being questioned by all seniors in the family when will I be graduate, or when will I coming out to earn, I was totally speechless. It is important that to allow me to finish my 3-Years-Hooneymoon happily and unregrettably so that I will always have a pleasant memory of the Uni's Life ever after.

Saw a lot of things, shared a lot of things, ate a lot of things, experienced a lot of things.
Learned more, Taught more, Sacrificed more, Spending more.

That is my 3rd semester of the uni life. Getting along well doesn't means that you can live well with that person. This is so true. No hard feeling for all those who's looking at this. Maybe it's my range of tolerance is narrower than anyone else. They usually easily stick together and shared lots of fun stuff together but without my presence. Hmm.. Not planning to give that any damn.

It was fun to be in Penang. Seriously. It was fun too to have a bunch of friends like you. Sincerely.

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