Thursday, November 15, 2007


I hate hot weather.
Nor the cold. Best is the windy type.
When you wake up, the weather is still like the 8 in the morning.
But somehow when you look at the clock, it's almost 1.
Omg, how am I suppose to finish my 100 pages thick of my Ichthyology lecture notes then?!

Something that I would like to share has nothing to do with the Monsoon.

Well, anyway, there is something I hate most happened these few days.
It was suppose to be a trip to the Underwater World in Langkawi which I really look forward to.
And, it was suppose to be organized and followed up by some so-call Representatives in the course, however, there is not even wind blowing from them. I wonder why The Great Ethnic like them like to do everything in the very last seconds. From the little thing like the homeworks of one's own to the great thing which affects the whole nations like the community policies, also will be procrastinate till the very last minutes. And somehow, last minute of launching doesn't shows how they improve or well planned, not to mention how great was their plan and decision. It was really frustrating when such a great plan and beneficial activities has been blown off just because of some minor silly action or decisions. Wasn't it an unfortunate thing to mention? When it's canceled, not even a rational excuse was given to those heart-breaking follower was just "under some unavoidable circumstances" the plan was called off.

It is not that I want to criticize who and what, Wasn't it a cruel thing when you give hope to someone and take it away without some reasonable explanation? Would it be fair for them? Or maybe the word "fair" has been deleted by your ancestors when the The Constitution was signed? When will you all looking up to others nation who really are greater than you all, and when will you all humbly to learn from them without neglect and critics?

I'm not to say that MINE was great and greatest.
But anyhow, if there is no changes to be done, I wonder how are we going to assure that our coming generation have a suitable place to live in in the future?
Do not blame us when all of the people (I mean those productive manpower) migrated and none of them looking back on you.

Please, at least do something.

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