Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

church of our lady of gaudalupe

inner decoration of the modern designed church

thanks to ko for the lodge cake


- marshmallow with lighting candle

side dish
- imitation of Tony Roma's chicken club salad with italian dressing

main course
- home-made roasted turkey with cranberry sauce
- freshly without extra MSG pasta served with wheat spaghetti

- KING's bakery lodge cake

- fruit tea with peach and pineapple cubes

Merry Christmas all!!!!! ...... and a Happy New Year~

too sad i'm gonna leave my home tomorrow... *sob sob*

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tony Roma's

It was always a happy thing to be at home where you may always get a chance to taste all sorts of delicacies which meaning those you tried, and those you didn't without worrying who's gonna pay the bill. It is also good when you have sisters who are so caring and so generously to buy you some expensive meal! (Darn! was planning to reduce weight in this holidays but seems impossible....)

Alright, back to the topic.

Here one stall which wanted to share was the Tony Roma's
good atmosphere to have some expensive dishes isn't it?

Okay, when looking from outside I was really never expecting the food in it was so pricey! It was far more expensive than in T.G.I.F. or even in Chilis, but anyhow, since my sis was the house and we just sat still and waiting for the food to be served.

yay~ this is the menu of TR
Alright, to start with the introduction, it was like all you see is almost the same style with salads, steaks, burgers and sandwiches, even desserts and beverages.

yes, my sis, flipping through the menu

After flipping n flipping and flipping, we have finally decided to ordered some dishes which is:
1. Famous TR's Beef Ribs with coleslaw and fries,
2. Beef Sandwich with fried onion rings in it,
3. and also the Chicken Club Salads, comprises of bacons, chicken slices, vege, cheddar cheese, eggs, along with balsamic vinegerratte as dressing.

o! this is so crazily delicious beef rib
consider gigantic sandwich where the portion is fit for 6 pax

super gigantic portion of the chicken club salad with balsamic vinegerratte

Oh, the dish was so big portion where we holding our stomach when stepping out the restaurant. It was so nice where the beef ribs was the main recommendation!

O, there's a funny thing also where the waiter made a smiley when he introduce 4 kinds of sauces to us!

cute smiley made by the waiter introducing 4 sauces

Should go for a try! ^__^

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Only after joining the IECG, i realized how stupid i was to choose all 8 choices which out of my mind. it tells me how idiotic and psycho i am to choose those courses which even the minimum requirement also disqualified me since my result was that bad. sigh, wasted a chance to get what i really want. wasn't that nice to say so since i'm quite contented with what i am (a fisherman with a degree?! you must be kidding!) just i always had wonder, how will my life goes if i were in other uni?

today, few STPM holders came to the booth to ask about the marine courses. all i can do was just introduce the courses, subjects involve to them. maybe i was too detailed on the explanation, all they did was just nodded their head. didn't know whether they understand what we trying to say or not, just hopefully the marine biology in coming year will not be a most popular subject due to my hard sell on it. i can see myself on them in past years where confusion leads to choosing the most popular courses n uni, which leads to lelong by the government. FISHERY?! ha! ha! ha! i will never dream of such thing even if i were 15 years back.

thou this job is tiring, profitless, but still, it is really a fun experience where the helping hands of yours able to reach to those who're in need. wasn't so sure the information provided is useful or please forgive me if i was simply create some facts which leads to misunderstanding. just, i was trying to help after all!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A New Day Has Come

A new day...ohhhh
A new day...ohhhh

I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come
Everyone told me to be strong
Hold on and don't shed a tear

Through the darkness and good times
I knew I'd make it through
And the world thought I had it all
But I was waiting for you

Hush, now
I see a light in the sky, (oh),
It's almost blinding me
I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it feel my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new sun...
A new day has come

Where it was dark now there's light
Where there was pain now there's joy
Where there was weakness, I found my strength
All in the eyes of a boy

Hush, now
I see a light in the sky, (oh),
It's almost blinding me
I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it feel my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new sun...
A new day has...

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it feel my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new sun...
A new day has come

Hush, now
I see a light in your eyes
All in the eyes of a boy

I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love

I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love

Hush, now
(A new day)
Hush, now
(A new day)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

INdulgence and Obsession = Gaining in Weight!

Wasn't sure whether I manage to reduce my weight or to shape my body in this holidays. One bad thing living in KL, too many delicacies as temptation and seduction around. Sometimes when you think of something it is so convenience that you may get it just nearby your home. Hmm, this definitely not a good thing.

The other day paid visit to KLCC, and somehow I saw Lecka-lecka which is the first most pricy (when I was student that time) ice cream that I happened to try on. It was also the most healthy ice cream that i tried due to it's 99% fats free selling point. Don't give a damn whether it's true or not, just, the taste is very unique which i like the most. They used to have 1 stall in MidValley but somehow the stall disappear ever since i graduated from my high school. still remember last time when after school the usual place to loaf is MV where the usual dessert for my friend and I was this.

sister holding a scoop of lecka-lecka cherry and vanilla flavour in KLCC.

Thanks to our majesty ruler, Tuesday was just another holidays for all citizens in Selangor. Due to boringness, I managed to get my arse to 1U for a walk. Initial purpose was to grab some christmas gift or some nice little stuff for myself and also looking best for the home in KT, but eventually it turns out to be the walk looking for food. Heard from a friend on how nice was the cakes in Bakerzin, and how rich was the taste and texture of it. Now i got a chance to taste the Most Expensive cheesecakes I've ever tried in my life. Imagine, almost 10 bucks for a slice or cake not even 50g of it, far more expensive than Secret Recipe. Last time SR was like a luxury for me but now... hehe, sorry, this beats SR!
New York Cheese
top view of the whole slice

Wasn't it best when you are able to have such delicacies around you all the time? Hmm, please do not add on weight!!! I want to be slimmer..... T__T

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Don't Want To

actually not to say that i try to act smart in everything i do. just that why whenever i had the better idea you all will try very hard to cover or to replace it with another better or always even with worse idea? actually is it really that i'm unworthy to give any opinion in anything?

sometimes, i don't want to act like little child. i'm neither letting go my temper. is just that why there's someone better and you still need me to do something which i think i dun know. or when you all have decided something and why on earth you all just bother to inform me and not to discuss with me? sometimes when i'm been commented as too aggressive or too talkative do you all know how hurting are the comments to me? it is not the first day you all know i've been like such.

i admit sometime i'm really playful and just give not serious impression to other but did you think about that i was actually also serious just that in a different way? i tried to be supportive and committed in everything possibly, but somehow i think there still a big gap between us. i've already out of expectation in what will i gets in return. i'm tiring in thinking and calculating. i will just let it be. whether you all will appreciate what i did or what have i sacrifices. i'm not trying to be calculative. i'm not trying to be narrow-minded. just that i beg you, try to considerate my feelings sometimes. i'm not as strong as how i look sometimes.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bread and Olives

Farewell for a friend who really not a very long period of knowing but she's really a nicest person to get along with. Well, for a person who going to further in biomedical engineering, I really don't know what to say or what to wish, just hoping she will be better in future~

It took about 45 minutes to reach Cheras after long way from PJ.
All the way from Federal, turning into MRR2, following Jalan Kuari, climbing up the Hulu Langat Hill, and there we are~ The Lookout Point in Cheras.

Accidentally caught this on my way up the hill.

After climbing up the steepest hill, which I think most probably of 70++ degrees, we finally make it to the highest peak in KL. You will never know how nice is this place compare to the polluted city centre. This place all I can see was just 3 lonely standing cafes with some really nice ly renovated and some Balinese style of design. The front door was a reception like counter which allows visitors to settlr down while waiting to be seated.

Trust me, it is a slope more than 70 degrees!

Hmm, I wouldn't comment on it till you get there by yourself

First Night View of KL which I managed to caught nicely without a tripod

This place of interest has an observation tower which enables you to look at the beautiful scene of KL night, and be mesmerized by her beauty. Genting was also clearly seen (I know you wouldn't believe, but it's true!) from the top most of the tower. I have never imagine how Light Pollution in an urban city can really gives such beautiful scene of view with all the neon lights, it almost makes the city as bright as daytime.

Well, after satisfied from all the photo shooting, it's time to fill up all starving stomach with some delicacies. They have this delicious
Al Burj Arab Pizza and so-so Mediterranean Lamb dish which I've order. The roll of pita and lamb really looks good but in fact the taste was just so ordinary like you may get it from any mamak stall.

Nice Pizza but I hate the Olive~

Price of food is moderate in price and without any taxes, however the service of the impatient and rude employee is a consideration criteria for you to dine there. We've been chatting there till 12am which the temperature of the surrounding has decreased drastically, forcing us to leave. Anyway, this is not a bad experience for you to catch the beautiful and unpolluted corner of KL.

It's getting difficult to gather all the friends around. But this gang of friends are those who are really participating aggressively than any other. Who knows when will be the next time of gathering? For those who are going overseas, Good luck and Farewell, nothing much for you than a card I tried to hide from the beginning. Ha!

Frenz 4eva~

Eye of Oriental (Pt2)

Well, after finish the trip from CYT aquarium, we're heading to the Gurney Drive to look for hotels, however it seems that not only hotels but even apartments are almost fully booked with extraordinary expensive price. It was so disappointed as we've asked for few hotels along the way to Batu Ferringhi, and finally we found 1 at Tanjung Bungah. I still remember this was the hotel where my mom's cousin brother had his wedding dinner. All i can remember is this hotel is rather spacious with a very low rate. And the view by the sea shore is rather relaxing compared to the city view.
View from the room

The night we are totally exhausted and reaching back at my grandma's house at almost 2 in the morning. Sorry Popo, for bothering u so much at the middle of the night.
The next morning we travel again heading to the island where we plan to go clubbing on the night. The most happening bar -- Chill out next to G hotel was one of my friend's recommendation. Hmm, how should I say? Maybe I'm really those type of person who really can't enjoy in the midst of smokes of cigarettes and the bass of dance rhythms. But it surprises me where almost all the lala inside do not exceed 30 y/o. Haihz, what a world.

In the afternoon we went to temple, or TEMPLES I supposed. From the Burmese temple, to the Siamese temple, until the Malaysian Chinese Temple. All about Buddha where I was so amused by the carvings, the paintings, the statue and the holiness of a temple. Thou I'm not believers of this religion but I will still pay my utmost respect towards their traditions, their believes and also the place of their holy landing.

The Burmese Temple
The Siamese Temple

It was actually surprising that the religious temple can appear in the most beautiful form where the building itself earns enough respect from the believers. Did I missed anything bout the temples?......... Oh yes! The ultimate hilltop Kek Lok Si!

Impressive view!

It took almost 30 minutes drive from the town to the top. Again, the winding and winding exist in this part also where they fond a cute shop which sells lots of Chinese cultural items, from Prosperity-Longetivity-Happiness statue to the tiny blessed key chains. This temple is again, a historical and tourist place which earn the Penang state government a handsome sum of foreign exchange profit.

Well, I think that's almost everything I went with bunch of crazy uni's friend. Another interesting thing to share is that we managed to see Eric Tsang in one of the restaurant we went. Isn't it a coincidence that he happened to be at there? Well, nothing much bout him except he's really short and bulky than I saw on the TV screen. Haha~

Happy Holidays friends!

T.G.I.F. @Queensbay Mall

Eye of Oriental (Pt 1)

If I'm not mistaken this is what they used to call the Penang Island.
Had been lazy lately to share about the fun stuff which encounter during the Penang trip.
But anyhow, managed to drop some ATP to write on the gathering on Look Out Point. Hehe.. What a mad fella.

Ok, by departing from the rental home in Kuala Terengganu, north headed to Kota Bharu in Kelantan, reaching at Jeli, going into Perak, passing by the Temenggong Lake, finally reaching Kedah at Kupang, passing by the Hi-Tech Park in Kedah, finally reaching Kulim my grandma's house. However, this is not the final destination which we will be settle, it is the Penang Island our ultimate point of destination. Omg, it is very hard to imagine that we had crossed 5 STATES!

Not exaggerating, it's really almost the half Peninsular we went!

Hmm, nothing much on the way we went, except all the mountain path which winding here and there, make all those car sick fella felt asleep quietly and luckily they didn't vomit on the car~ phew~ after bout 4 hours drive finally we're reaching the Temenggong Lake in Perak, not very nice compared to Kenyir, but still mesmerized by its beauty.

Mommy! Look at those two kids in the car!Malaysian version of Titanic...(No hugging!)

Few photo shooting by the lake and here we go again, winding, winding road heading to Kedah..... and guess what? i saw this surprising sign along the road--->

Isn't it cute?! It stands on top of the hill where we couldn't see any way that an elephant may break through the fence and jump into the valley~! Hilarious!! Well, continue with some winding, and winding, winding, road, we have make it to the Kedah border where finally I'm in the state of my dad's home town! Excited feeling of mine because i need to direct all them to my grandma's house and finally we have already pass through the Titiwangsa Mountain Range!
After settle down at my grandma's house, we are agian, heading to the International Lantern Festival which is situated in Butterworth, and it is so exciting because we are visiting all the MOUTHLESS-CATS'-LANTERNS (which means the Hello Kitty, LOL)!
Mesmerizing entranceKitty n dunno who....
Family of Ursus Chia~

Actually the place has nothing much but a poor design of shop lots and inconveniences
transportation, not to mention the expensive fare and also the little variety of foods and beverages. Maybe it has the attraction for all those North-Malaysians but nothing much for me.
The next day was the island-visitation-day, where we were brought to island to visit some famous part of it, Bkt Bendera, the War Museum, and there is this funny clip I wanted to share
(and dunno what is wrong with blogger, it's hard to upload on to here) haha~ quite funny actually, at first I didn't want to get in, afraid that i will be stuck in the middle of it, but anyhow, it was a nice experience of crawling in and climbing out.

CYT aquarium was our next stop, From what I heard they reared a priceless competition Carp which weigh almost like an adult!
Does it look that heavy?

and few ornamental fishes which are so pricey!!

I think I have return all the ichthyology knowledge to Tuan Haji ever since I've finished the test.. ^__^

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Conclusions For 3rd Sem

Time really flies by. It was like yesterday when I still struggling for the accommodation problem at the beginning of the semester, running in and out for my course registration, busy like a bee where I was in Hell of Assignments (it's really hell lots of assignments and hell like when you need to hand in 5 in a week time).

There is some more days to go to face the final examination.
Has anyone play SIMS2: University before? My life in uni is just like theirs in the virtual world. Or maybe it would be better to say theirs are like ours. Assignments, tests, evaluations, and don't what did you absorbed from all the lectures you attended. Hmm, what good does it make? I bet is nothing. I always wonder what if we're just like the characters inside where we also manipulated by some force? Hmm.. sounds creepy right?

Looking back after been here for 3 semesters, suddenly I felt a little bit of loses. In this semester just a little bit of argument with friends, moving out was just another remarkable action which I just couldn't tell whether it's still a smart choice to call with. Getting to know my dad's hometown (more precisely) thoroughly and deeply was just another remarkable action that I did in this holidays. Wasn't it a great thing to know some place which you felt belong to happily and with also the exploration by your own selves? Being questioned by all seniors in the family when will I be graduate, or when will I coming out to earn, I was totally speechless. It is important that to allow me to finish my 3-Years-Hooneymoon happily and unregrettably so that I will always have a pleasant memory of the Uni's Life ever after.

Saw a lot of things, shared a lot of things, ate a lot of things, experienced a lot of things.
Learned more, Taught more, Sacrificed more, Spending more.

That is my 3rd semester of the uni life. Getting along well doesn't means that you can live well with that person. This is so true. No hard feeling for all those who's looking at this. Maybe it's my range of tolerance is narrower than anyone else. They usually easily stick together and shared lots of fun stuff together but without my presence. Hmm.. Not planning to give that any damn.

It was fun to be in Penang. Seriously. It was fun too to have a bunch of friends like you. Sincerely.