Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bread and Olives

Farewell for a friend who really not a very long period of knowing but she's really a nicest person to get along with. Well, for a person who going to further in biomedical engineering, I really don't know what to say or what to wish, just hoping she will be better in future~

It took about 45 minutes to reach Cheras after long way from PJ.
All the way from Federal, turning into MRR2, following Jalan Kuari, climbing up the Hulu Langat Hill, and there we are~ The Lookout Point in Cheras.

Accidentally caught this on my way up the hill.

After climbing up the steepest hill, which I think most probably of 70++ degrees, we finally make it to the highest peak in KL. You will never know how nice is this place compare to the polluted city centre. This place all I can see was just 3 lonely standing cafes with some really nice ly renovated and some Balinese style of design. The front door was a reception like counter which allows visitors to settlr down while waiting to be seated.

Trust me, it is a slope more than 70 degrees!

Hmm, I wouldn't comment on it till you get there by yourself

First Night View of KL which I managed to caught nicely without a tripod

This place of interest has an observation tower which enables you to look at the beautiful scene of KL night, and be mesmerized by her beauty. Genting was also clearly seen (I know you wouldn't believe, but it's true!) from the top most of the tower. I have never imagine how Light Pollution in an urban city can really gives such beautiful scene of view with all the neon lights, it almost makes the city as bright as daytime.

Well, after satisfied from all the photo shooting, it's time to fill up all starving stomach with some delicacies. They have this delicious
Al Burj Arab Pizza and so-so Mediterranean Lamb dish which I've order. The roll of pita and lamb really looks good but in fact the taste was just so ordinary like you may get it from any mamak stall.

Nice Pizza but I hate the Olive~

Price of food is moderate in price and without any taxes, however the service of the impatient and rude employee is a consideration criteria for you to dine there. We've been chatting there till 12am which the temperature of the surrounding has decreased drastically, forcing us to leave. Anyway, this is not a bad experience for you to catch the beautiful and unpolluted corner of KL.

It's getting difficult to gather all the friends around. But this gang of friends are those who are really participating aggressively than any other. Who knows when will be the next time of gathering? For those who are going overseas, Good luck and Farewell, nothing much for you than a card I tried to hide from the beginning. Ha!

Frenz 4eva~


kaze said...

lol...how come cant see my face in the photo?=.=

is a good place to visit but location is kinda far for that kind of food....LOL...

we gonna make a better one next time


--kAiBa-- said...

really can't see? hehe... i put the other 1 la... hehe...

anyway, forgot to thank you for the effort in organizing o! Thanks!