Saturday, December 15, 2007


Only after joining the IECG, i realized how stupid i was to choose all 8 choices which out of my mind. it tells me how idiotic and psycho i am to choose those courses which even the minimum requirement also disqualified me since my result was that bad. sigh, wasted a chance to get what i really want. wasn't that nice to say so since i'm quite contented with what i am (a fisherman with a degree?! you must be kidding!) just i always had wonder, how will my life goes if i were in other uni?

today, few STPM holders came to the booth to ask about the marine courses. all i can do was just introduce the courses, subjects involve to them. maybe i was too detailed on the explanation, all they did was just nodded their head. didn't know whether they understand what we trying to say or not, just hopefully the marine biology in coming year will not be a most popular subject due to my hard sell on it. i can see myself on them in past years where confusion leads to choosing the most popular courses n uni, which leads to lelong by the government. FISHERY?! ha! ha! ha! i will never dream of such thing even if i were 15 years back.

thou this job is tiring, profitless, but still, it is really a fun experience where the helping hands of yours able to reach to those who're in need. wasn't so sure the information provided is useful or please forgive me if i was simply create some facts which leads to misunderstanding. just, i was trying to help after all!

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