Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eye of Oriental (Pt 1)

If I'm not mistaken this is what they used to call the Penang Island.
Had been lazy lately to share about the fun stuff which encounter during the Penang trip.
But anyhow, managed to drop some ATP to write on the gathering on Look Out Point. Hehe.. What a mad fella.

Ok, by departing from the rental home in Kuala Terengganu, north headed to Kota Bharu in Kelantan, reaching at Jeli, going into Perak, passing by the Temenggong Lake, finally reaching Kedah at Kupang, passing by the Hi-Tech Park in Kedah, finally reaching Kulim my grandma's house. However, this is not the final destination which we will be settle, it is the Penang Island our ultimate point of destination. Omg, it is very hard to imagine that we had crossed 5 STATES!

Not exaggerating, it's really almost the half Peninsular we went!

Hmm, nothing much on the way we went, except all the mountain path which winding here and there, make all those car sick fella felt asleep quietly and luckily they didn't vomit on the car~ phew~ after bout 4 hours drive finally we're reaching the Temenggong Lake in Perak, not very nice compared to Kenyir, but still mesmerized by its beauty.

Mommy! Look at those two kids in the car!Malaysian version of Titanic...(No hugging!)

Few photo shooting by the lake and here we go again, winding, winding road heading to Kedah..... and guess what? i saw this surprising sign along the road--->

Isn't it cute?! It stands on top of the hill where we couldn't see any way that an elephant may break through the fence and jump into the valley~! Hilarious!! Well, continue with some winding, and winding, winding, road, we have make it to the Kedah border where finally I'm in the state of my dad's home town! Excited feeling of mine because i need to direct all them to my grandma's house and finally we have already pass through the Titiwangsa Mountain Range!
After settle down at my grandma's house, we are agian, heading to the International Lantern Festival which is situated in Butterworth, and it is so exciting because we are visiting all the MOUTHLESS-CATS'-LANTERNS (which means the Hello Kitty, LOL)!
Mesmerizing entranceKitty n dunno who....
Family of Ursus Chia~

Actually the place has nothing much but a poor design of shop lots and inconveniences
transportation, not to mention the expensive fare and also the little variety of foods and beverages. Maybe it has the attraction for all those North-Malaysians but nothing much for me.
The next day was the island-visitation-day, where we were brought to island to visit some famous part of it, Bkt Bendera, the War Museum, and there is this funny clip I wanted to share
(and dunno what is wrong with blogger, it's hard to upload on to here) haha~ quite funny actually, at first I didn't want to get in, afraid that i will be stuck in the middle of it, but anyhow, it was a nice experience of crawling in and climbing out.

CYT aquarium was our next stop, From what I heard they reared a priceless competition Carp which weigh almost like an adult!
Does it look that heavy?

and few ornamental fishes which are so pricey!!

I think I have return all the ichthyology knowledge to Tuan Haji ever since I've finished the test.. ^__^

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