Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eye of Oriental (Pt2)

Well, after finish the trip from CYT aquarium, we're heading to the Gurney Drive to look for hotels, however it seems that not only hotels but even apartments are almost fully booked with extraordinary expensive price. It was so disappointed as we've asked for few hotels along the way to Batu Ferringhi, and finally we found 1 at Tanjung Bungah. I still remember this was the hotel where my mom's cousin brother had his wedding dinner. All i can remember is this hotel is rather spacious with a very low rate. And the view by the sea shore is rather relaxing compared to the city view.
View from the room

The night we are totally exhausted and reaching back at my grandma's house at almost 2 in the morning. Sorry Popo, for bothering u so much at the middle of the night.
The next morning we travel again heading to the island where we plan to go clubbing on the night. The most happening bar -- Chill out next to G hotel was one of my friend's recommendation. Hmm, how should I say? Maybe I'm really those type of person who really can't enjoy in the midst of smokes of cigarettes and the bass of dance rhythms. But it surprises me where almost all the lala inside do not exceed 30 y/o. Haihz, what a world.

In the afternoon we went to temple, or TEMPLES I supposed. From the Burmese temple, to the Siamese temple, until the Malaysian Chinese Temple. All about Buddha where I was so amused by the carvings, the paintings, the statue and the holiness of a temple. Thou I'm not believers of this religion but I will still pay my utmost respect towards their traditions, their believes and also the place of their holy landing.

The Burmese Temple
The Siamese Temple

It was actually surprising that the religious temple can appear in the most beautiful form where the building itself earns enough respect from the believers. Did I missed anything bout the temples?......... Oh yes! The ultimate hilltop Kek Lok Si!

Impressive view!

It took almost 30 minutes drive from the town to the top. Again, the winding and winding exist in this part also where they fond a cute shop which sells lots of Chinese cultural items, from Prosperity-Longetivity-Happiness statue to the tiny blessed key chains. This temple is again, a historical and tourist place which earn the Penang state government a handsome sum of foreign exchange profit.

Well, I think that's almost everything I went with bunch of crazy uni's friend. Another interesting thing to share is that we managed to see Eric Tsang in one of the restaurant we went. Isn't it a coincidence that he happened to be at there? Well, nothing much bout him except he's really short and bulky than I saw on the TV screen. Haha~

Happy Holidays friends!

T.G.I.F. @Queensbay Mall

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