Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Don't Want To

actually not to say that i try to act smart in everything i do. just that why whenever i had the better idea you all will try very hard to cover or to replace it with another better or always even with worse idea? actually is it really that i'm unworthy to give any opinion in anything?

sometimes, i don't want to act like little child. i'm neither letting go my temper. is just that why there's someone better and you still need me to do something which i think i dun know. or when you all have decided something and why on earth you all just bother to inform me and not to discuss with me? sometimes when i'm been commented as too aggressive or too talkative do you all know how hurting are the comments to me? it is not the first day you all know i've been like such.

i admit sometime i'm really playful and just give not serious impression to other but did you think about that i was actually also serious just that in a different way? i tried to be supportive and committed in everything possibly, but somehow i think there still a big gap between us. i've already out of expectation in what will i gets in return. i'm tiring in thinking and calculating. i will just let it be. whether you all will appreciate what i did or what have i sacrifices. i'm not trying to be calculative. i'm not trying to be narrow-minded. just that i beg you, try to considerate my feelings sometimes. i'm not as strong as how i look sometimes.


SilveRaveN said...

dunno what you're talking abt but *hugz* hope you'll feel better soon.


--kAiBa-- said...

Thanks for it! kinda upset these few days but i think i will get better soon! Cheers!