Wednesday, December 12, 2007

INdulgence and Obsession = Gaining in Weight!

Wasn't sure whether I manage to reduce my weight or to shape my body in this holidays. One bad thing living in KL, too many delicacies as temptation and seduction around. Sometimes when you think of something it is so convenience that you may get it just nearby your home. Hmm, this definitely not a good thing.

The other day paid visit to KLCC, and somehow I saw Lecka-lecka which is the first most pricy (when I was student that time) ice cream that I happened to try on. It was also the most healthy ice cream that i tried due to it's 99% fats free selling point. Don't give a damn whether it's true or not, just, the taste is very unique which i like the most. They used to have 1 stall in MidValley but somehow the stall disappear ever since i graduated from my high school. still remember last time when after school the usual place to loaf is MV where the usual dessert for my friend and I was this.

sister holding a scoop of lecka-lecka cherry and vanilla flavour in KLCC.

Thanks to our majesty ruler, Tuesday was just another holidays for all citizens in Selangor. Due to boringness, I managed to get my arse to 1U for a walk. Initial purpose was to grab some christmas gift or some nice little stuff for myself and also looking best for the home in KT, but eventually it turns out to be the walk looking for food. Heard from a friend on how nice was the cakes in Bakerzin, and how rich was the taste and texture of it. Now i got a chance to taste the Most Expensive cheesecakes I've ever tried in my life. Imagine, almost 10 bucks for a slice or cake not even 50g of it, far more expensive than Secret Recipe. Last time SR was like a luxury for me but now... hehe, sorry, this beats SR!
New York Cheese
top view of the whole slice

Wasn't it best when you are able to have such delicacies around you all the time? Hmm, please do not add on weight!!! I want to be slimmer..... T__T

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