Friday, December 21, 2007

Tony Roma's

It was always a happy thing to be at home where you may always get a chance to taste all sorts of delicacies which meaning those you tried, and those you didn't without worrying who's gonna pay the bill. It is also good when you have sisters who are so caring and so generously to buy you some expensive meal! (Darn! was planning to reduce weight in this holidays but seems impossible....)

Alright, back to the topic.

Here one stall which wanted to share was the Tony Roma's
good atmosphere to have some expensive dishes isn't it?

Okay, when looking from outside I was really never expecting the food in it was so pricey! It was far more expensive than in T.G.I.F. or even in Chilis, but anyhow, since my sis was the house and we just sat still and waiting for the food to be served.

yay~ this is the menu of TR
Alright, to start with the introduction, it was like all you see is almost the same style with salads, steaks, burgers and sandwiches, even desserts and beverages.

yes, my sis, flipping through the menu

After flipping n flipping and flipping, we have finally decided to ordered some dishes which is:
1. Famous TR's Beef Ribs with coleslaw and fries,
2. Beef Sandwich with fried onion rings in it,
3. and also the Chicken Club Salads, comprises of bacons, chicken slices, vege, cheddar cheese, eggs, along with balsamic vinegerratte as dressing.

o! this is so crazily delicious beef rib
consider gigantic sandwich where the portion is fit for 6 pax

super gigantic portion of the chicken club salad with balsamic vinegerratte

Oh, the dish was so big portion where we holding our stomach when stepping out the restaurant. It was so nice where the beef ribs was the main recommendation!

O, there's a funny thing also where the waiter made a smiley when he introduce 4 kinds of sauces to us!

cute smiley made by the waiter introducing 4 sauces

Should go for a try! ^__^

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