Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hong's Big Day!

Actually i always think it's a very sad thing where you couldn't celebrate your birthday at home or with your family. In fact, we may also enjoy ourselves no matter under what circumstances. Cest la vie, admit it, you will never get what you wish for unless you are really lucky.

It was HXY's birthday, actually we celebrated it in advance due to some personnel who couldn't make it on the actual day of hers. So, after the class, all stuffs were bought in a rush where the cake was just bought on the night itself. Nothing much for the celebration, except i managed to get the meehoon fried in a very small wok and the fruit punch recipe stole from my dearest sister! hehe...

meehoon cooked in small small wok... III~_~

fruit punch from my secret recipe~

There is somemore a funny clip where you manage to guess what xiaoyun was saying when ben knocked an egg onto her forehead *Ow~ huiyo~* ... haha! typical xiaoyunist's style of complaining... ^__^

red egg with nice crack and pattern~

happy coursemates, but boon is outside the frame!

birthday cake for xiaoyun, with 2 long 3 short candles!

Hmm, will gambling n alcohol absent from this adult type of celebration? No way! Thanks for ben for his whiskey, which the alcoholic effect faded quite quickly and i have no hangover in the next morning! guess it was not those pure whiskey after all, hehe! Punishment for losing the game is to get your toe painted, wasn't it fun? i got 5 of my toes painted and the most misfortune boon yuan has all his toes painted! poor guy...
my first painted toe!

ben's first painted finger, after lost by 11 cards! muahaha!!!!!

omg! 3 toes painted....

all the painted and painters!

Thou the celebration wasn't grand or what so ever, it's fun cos we really enjoy it much!

*********Happy Birthday Xiao Yun@@***********

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