Sunday, January 13, 2008


It was an usual holiday which I've planned to sleep till the noon, and hoping will be having my late lunch at 3 and sleep again till 6, simply eat something and sleep again till the next day. However, these good course mates of my had decided to go for waterfall trip on the holiday! Gosh, guess my long hour of sleeping will be blow off due to their last minute decision~ Aha!

Sekayu Waterfall, which situated roughly 56km from Kuala Terengganu town is famous of it's natural environment and also the cooling place of recreation for KT-ians, with a Herb Garden, a Aromatic Garden, also the medium sized waterfall.

beautiful sunrise on the way to sekayu

suddenly a small small and round round person appear from the back.... swt

unique lamppost design along the road in Kuala Berang

imagine, the place we're heading is in the mountain seen

After an hour from home at Taman Sejati, we've finally arrive at the place where at first we missed the entrance as they're having road construction at this moment. And the funny thing is a car in front of us also headed the wrong way as we did! Ha!!

Once entering the park, all you may smell was the greenshower where phytincidere came into function. all the trees, shoots, flowers, and also chirps, make me feel that is so worthy for me to come here and sacrificing the long hour of sleep!

entrance of the waterfall park
great entrance

full map of the sekayu recreational park

on the way to waterfall
Fish pond inside the park

It's definitely a waterfall park where the waterfall is clearly in view when entering the park. Different picture of the waterfall was taken when entering the park,
the low most part of the waterfall

the part where we stayed for few hours relaxation

took from the arbor with waterfall at background

Omg! so glare the ray of sun

Runaway from the roar of the traffic, where enjoying the greenshower of the mother nature. Hmm! I feel refreshing from the inner part of me! Hehe, welcome to Sekayu!

gigantic millipede on our way to the waterfall (xiaoyun: ee yeh~yuccks!)

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