Sunday, February 24, 2008

All About Emcee-ing

It was such a great and pleasure moment to be on stage, though it was just a very short duration, and from what I've did, I think I don't have enough chance to stand out as I wish to. But anyhow, Thanks to those who know me for me, for giving me a chance to be on stage, to experienced inexperienced, to expect the unexpected.

well, the training for the hosting has been started since a month ago, where our draft was corrected and we are being trained by the experienced emcee from Kelab KEMASIK, which is also an emcee club in the university. Throughout the training session, some difficulties happened, and some unhappy event occur, however, I was so glad that I'm able to perform well on the night. Thanks to my partner, Pashia for all the cooperation and also the understanding, all other member of emcee.

Maybe due to the Election effect, the VVIP which is invited has come out with some inappropriate speech where he almost transform the night into a campaign. Fully utilization shouldn't have be done in such way where all presents are majority Malay, where they might be misunderstood for what you have said. Please all politicians, I urge you all to use your smart brain!

through all the sweet and spices where I've conclude that emcee-ing is good! a great  experience I can say.

Yes! It's over~ See you all next year!


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