Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fish Nuggets in Process!

Yay! I finally get a chance to try to learn how to produce some aquatic products. Thanks to my dear lecturer who has given us a chance to pay visit to an research institute in Chendering, where we are able to produce some edible product from raw materials!

I was in all the cutting and washing thing last week, where I'm able to remember all those yucky stink smell from the fish! Fishy and fishy!!


do i look happy in it?

and after all the hardwork, I'm able to produce some nice fish nugget with the surimi that I've made last week! FYI, surimi is an intermediate product which has been deboned machinery and is preserve with cryoprotectant such as sugar, polyphosphateetc..... bla bla bla, all adapted from the lecture notes where the theory is so boring!!

alright! let's get into business!!


Firstly by mixing the surimi with all the ingredients, which I can remember are the onions, garlics, some vegetable oils, bread crust, MSG, pepper, salt, sugar and some flavour enhancer. It was easy at this step where all the ingredient are well mixed by the Silent Cutter.


Secondly, fill a tray with bread crust, Nugget Moulding Machine will shape the paste into desirable shape and we need to only cover it well with the yellow colour bread crust.


yay~ finally it's almost done


Look! a heart shaped!


wow! it's a lot!

Yummy!! golden crisp after fried!

I am so fortunate to have chances to go around all over to experienced different thing. And I will be navigating soon. So, stay tuned of my blog! Will take you all running around all over Terengganu!

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