Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fried Porridge (Char Moi)

Have you ever heard of this term before? Usually people "boil" porridge but seldom people "fry" the porridge. In this case, "fry" meaning the stir fry, not those "deep fry".

Well, in this small Chinese town namely the Serdang in Kedah, not the Serdang of UPM, they are famous of this dish which is known as Char Moi (in hokkien, meaning Fried Porridge)

ta-da! the mysterious face revealed of the char moi

using chopstick to have the porridge? watch me!

Hmm, how should I describe the dish? it has pork, veges, i think a little bit of egg white, tender texture of the long hour boiled porridge, makes the taste of the dish wonderful. alittle bit of saltiness, and you can even taste the essence of the chicken soup as the origin material. Usually customers wouldn't order the porridge itself alone, they will have a plate of kelabu as appetizer where this not those traditional Nyonya style but the very own Chinese Kelabu. mango stripes and cucumber stripes, mixed with vinegar, sugar, chili padi, and also some crispy fried cuttle fish scattered on top, makes the taste of the dish not only sour, but also some freshness of the cuttlefish pieces.

usually serve with kelabu as appetizer


o! this is the main dish -- thai's steam fish

This stall itself not only well-known by the char moi itself but also the thai's sweet and sour steam fish. The sweetness and sourness are in perfect ratio which also bring out the fresh taste of the fish itself. Chinese cabbage in the dishes is attentively reduce the excitement from the Thai's ingredients.

Wow, it making my salivary gland stimulate more liquid while i keep remembering the taste and the fineness of the dishes! Yummy! Must try out whenever you have the chance to get to that town!

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