Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Omg! What is wrong with the people nowadays? Haven't they tasted a donut in their past life? haha! Maybe it's too mean for me to say so, but it is really too much for someone to queue for almost an hour just to grab a bite on the J.Co Donut and Cafe!

J.Co - it was actually a peacock in the logo

According to a reliable source (who actually happen to my dear sister), J.Co was originate from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which I guess the J.Co actually stands for Jakarta.Coffee! ^__^

I'm not trying to exaggerate the situation where it really happened! I was being told how nice was the donuts and how interesting is the selling points of the shop by friends around me, however, this is the first time I've actually grab a piece of the legendary donut in town!

Too bad I didn't snap a picture on how crazy are the people indulge in the donuts and the sweetness (which eventually leads to diabetes I guess), but I did snapped a few on how nice it was where I'm actually one of those! Hehe!

seriously black coffee with the free sugar coated donut

ice-blended caramelite w/o whipping cream T_T

cappocino... freshly brewed!

We had ordered a Cuppocino, Caramelite Ice Blended and a Black Coffee. It was a surprised where each beverage comes with a free sugar coated donut, and yet my sister manage to grab some 6 pieces of the highly-recommended donuts for us! Yummy! I like sweet things!

As you are aware from the top, it was Coco Loco flavour, followed by the Heaven Berry, Why Nut, Belgium Chocolate, Blueberry and an unknown piece! All of them taste like the sugar was actually FOC in their company's policy! But, other than the over-sweet-taste, the donut was so fluffy and light where you won't have the disgust feeling due to the thick flour of the donut! Each and everyone of the donut has its own fillings where the filling might flow out like the volcano if you do not handle properly!

Haha! another MUST-TRY-IT-OUT store in town!

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