Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leaving... again

I wonder when will I get used to those coming back and going back mood. It feels kind of weird when you going back to home from another home, which across the whole peninsular. Yes, I'm leaving home again tonight.

I have total freedom over the place where I'm going back to now, but it kind of lack of the warmth where this place gets me. That is why hard to judge which is better for me. I hope that I will be coming out to the community really soon, couldn't bare the suffer while studying, repeating the same routine every semester ahead, lecture-->study-->assignments-->tests-->final-->break-->and all of them repeating again and again.

I've never imagine how life in uni will be as such, the sparks toward the adult life has disappeared.

However, there may be new expectation for me in this semester, which I heard recently that I've got Under Water World Langkawi for my Internship Location! Yay! That is exactly what I'm dreaming of!

Wish me luck in that!  

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