Saturday, March 29, 2008

It has been awhile

Oh my god, I realize this morning that my Mouth and Hand has been filled up with spider web!

It's not a good sign in that sense that I'm reluctant in updating my mood and my life just surfing thru the web and has nothing to be done. However, this is also the double edges sword in which I has show that i'm not indulge in the virtual world as some of my friends did. But sometimes, blog may be the best way to keep in touch with all those long lost friend.

Hmm, what have I done few days back?
Oh ya! after all the struggle muggle, i have decided my way into the bacteria, for my final year project! show you how good is my title first:

Occurrence of antibiotics and metal tolerance in bacteria isolated from freshwater fish, brackish water fish and marine fish.

(Omg, what the heck is this?)
Oh yes, don't ask me right now because i yet to find out what are these properties about and what is my purposes studied on this. Haihz, I get no support from the PhD student who is suppose to assist me in the research and also none from my supervisor. Actually I hate microbiology. Serious. And now, I'm messing up with microbes again. Sad! Imagine how suffer will my life be---> Facing all the micro flora for the rest of my day in Uni!

bacteria probably streptococcus
have no idea what is this
o! aeromonas
and this lovely vibrio
aeromonas again!

God! Please help me through this difficult moment!

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