Monday, March 10, 2008

Yay! A third Prize for Me!



I've never thought of being a prize winner in any art design contest and see! Here I'm a third prize winner of this lovely poster for the Language Festival! yay! Was so happy at the moment thou this wasn't my first design but still, hey! Third prize man!




wow! haha! but quite disappointed when I receive just a hamper from the Department head,



Oh ya! In conjunction with the festival, there is  aJapanese Caravan to be held also and see! My Juniors Are In Kimono!


Photo-0009 was trying to act cool

Photo-0010 was trying to act cute


And all of a sudden, my lecturer in kimono also come to the festive! She looks so cute in the pink kimono, matches her selendang so much!!

Photo-0005 wow! madam, you look good in kimono!


and this guy, he can play the japanese instrument quite well! he played the first love by Utada also! Wow!

Photo-0004 but he look like beggar by the street ^__^


Keep you all posted!!

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