Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blogging from LCCT

Great! It's over, my sweet 3 days trip back home is totally over by now, great.
what should be expecting my return were just my book and my notes, and nonetheless my final examination.

headache, start to think bout it I was like "*arrgh!* not again?! I was just barely finish from my second tests 5 days ago!"
what an unhealthy routine of life.
I don't like all the rushing.
I don't like being away from home.
I don't like my FYP title.
I don't like a McD without aircond (where i should be right now).
I don't like a crowded place.
sad me.

Let's list out what I did these few days.
Went to dinner with popo n papa for their birthdays.
Send my mom to hospital and was relieved that she's getting better.
Try to have my license renewed, but *arrgh*!
Went to PC fair alone, and was so happy *hehe* i bought a mouse and my laptop cover!
Bought a new pair of shoes! I like white!
With sis bought a new phone, a cool k770! *woohoo*
Plea for the new bike is under consideration. Hopefully I will get it!
Didn't get a chance to talk to my elder sis as she was so busy as usual.
hmm.... seriously i was so degenerated at home. That is what you should do at home right? ahha!

---signing off----

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