Tuesday, April 22, 2008

La Isle Bonita - Pulau Kapas

Well, first I have to say -- Thank you all for organizing this trip!
It was really a nice plan after suffering for so much tension from the final examination season.

I like beaches very much. especially those with truly unpolluted and man-affected destination. I've never imagine how nice it could be until I've seen for myself!

Taking off from Kuala Terengganu it's approximately an hour to reach Merang, which is the jetty located to get to Pulau Kapas. It's identical as they have along the roadside with all this sign

yay! we're heading to the island!

gosh! so windy!!

beautiful jetty of Pulau Kapas

first stop at Pulau Kapas

For a speed boat it took only fifteen minutes (or less when they are in such rush) to reach the island. The jetty at this place is much nicer compare to the Marang where you stop to head to Pulau Redang.

The day we went was a windy day where the speed boat, *ehem*, mark me, it's really SPEEDING BOAT! All water was splashing up as if we were swimming in a very fast mean. FYI, the boat ride was scary where you have to hold all your items tightly so that they won't gone with the wind!

posing upon arrive... hehe

We've checked in this lovely chalet style resort, where the place is all wooden-made with a beautiful scene coming from the sea. We had our dinner at a very comfort place where almost all occupied by the foreigner and some of them really have that accent you can hardly understand what they were talking about.

this is the waitress from Holland~ fuuh!

and this little guy I met, refusing to tell us what his name is and we have t spend all the rest of time to call him by this weird name -- tuu--huuuuuu, please do not ask me how to spell or what on earth was that and I finally get to know his real name when his father had to come over to drag him away from sitting on Rainie! haha!
poor flame... nice to meet ya!

We went on for snorkeling the other day where it wasn't an pleasant experience for me as I accidentally STEPPED on a sea urchin! *Ouch*~ It's really hurt! I was so frustrated as i have to get up the shore, finding a bamboo stick, and hit so hard on my toes to make them crushed in my flesh. According to the tour guide there is no way to pull out the thorn where they usually squeezed some lime juice on it to dissolve it. *Sigh*. I didn't know till that moment how lucky was I.

swollen toes... with the thorns inside.

However, my friends and I managed to discover some really nice place on the island which is really so hommy feel, as they serve home-style dinner with some really nice wine. But we didn't manage to dine there but trust me, WE'LL BE BACK! haha!

they serve wine over here

We had really spent a little time over that beautiful island, as some having test the next day morning! (walaoa, so daring) and all we can do was just try to snatch as much photos as we can on the island, and imagine, 240 pictures in 1 day! @__@

father and son

beautiful sun set

omg! i'm looking for my soul!
what is so interesting bout his backside? (find out youself, keke...)

And surprisingly, they bought me an ice-cream cake for celebrating my birthday in advance!
ghee.... how sweet you all! Nice to have you all as my friend!

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