Tuesday, April 29, 2008

S**T! I'm 22 already!

What did you plan to achieve in your life before you were 22?
Omg! if average a man can live till 75, 22 is like almost 1/3 of it!

and yet, let me conclude what did i achieve:
1. 21K loan still pending to be clear,
2. A su*ks degree waiting to be completed
3. Not even 5 figures in all my total 5 saving accounts @_@
4. No assets
5. Tons of liability

OMG OMG!!! Why do I live for 22 years lar~ such a failure life!


but anyhow, i get to know tons of you, Yes, i mean YOU, thanks for making my day!

Ok, this is the first birthday cake for me after stepped on sea urchin in Kapas! Thanks to them for buying me this Ice-creamed-with-tons-of-freshcream cake! Thanks all my friends! So surprised! It was actually a sea urchin on top of it!

and this is the second mini-cake i had exactly 12 am! i wonder where they get the bike from.. haha , and know what, this come along with a present!
*tada!* TORA! it's been ages ago since my last memory on this! Wow! How sweet of them to return my nostalgia on my 22nd Birthday! Thanks to Jason, Kai, Fung, and KC for this!

and we have this little get-A-long at the one and only Secret Recipe in Kuala Terengganu, yes, they have it here. And thanks for making my dinner so wonderful! Although didn't get the whole cake but it's still nice to have exactly the half of it! haha!


still another paper to go...

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