Sunday, April 06, 2008

Take a break

It has been a while since i left my home. Almost 2 months i'm here and hey! i'm going back soon!
. . . . . . . . In fact, I'm already back here~ Wow, i don't give a damn how high was the pollution index of the air in this city, it just smells nice!

After experiencing the total change of the Terengganu Sultan Mahmud International Airport, trust me, it's huge difference way back when the first time i step in the arrival hall of that ulu airport, you will believe like you totally wanna get on the plane you just got down. It was so primitive! *literally* All for the ventilation system was just few fan *phew* here *phew* there and don't help much in cooling yourself especially when the air was heated up by the sea breeze!

and for the first time i departed using the new departure hall, hmm, this looks better for an so-call-International-Airport! They finally installed the air-conditioner system and you won't sweat like a dog while waiting to check in! and there is a funny thing, the departure hall is just like another ordinary shop, you might easily missed it. Haha, anyway, glad that they are having improvement. oops, no updated photo for you guys, but i will try to catch some when i'm back this sat anyhow.


the arrival+departure+check-in+luggage scanning+reception desk.......

the place to pick up your luggage


..... to be continue......

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