Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curatorial Diary 03

After all the time spent with animals, might as well we have some of our own time to visit the most happening town in Langkawi-- Kuah!

It takes approximately 15 minutes from Pantai Cenang to Kuah town, following all the winding path and one thing i should remind you, please, PLEASE take your jacket with you if you're afraid of low temperature, because it is really FREEZINGLY-CHILLINGLY cold at night!

It is very convenience to get transport over here, if you're on a budget trip, a scooter a day costs you about RM25.

DSC07072 DSC07073


Well, FYI, after we both ride on it, guess the maximum speed we can sped.. TADANG! 60km/h! Imagine that...


And one thing about this, you can see typical kampung style along the way to town, and also some paddy field.

When reaching at Kuah, the very first destination of us is surely the Eagle Square (Dataran Lang). I think i spend half of my memory card just to take those gigantic bird's picture. But anyway, the scene there is so magnificent that you will never realize how great is the statue shocking your thoughts.


Isn't it like those 70's or 60's photo you see?



Yes, I'm tiny, FYI, I'm! I'm between G and K, do you see where I am?

and after that we went to take some really ki-siao picture upon my request, haha! First time here mah... anyhow also need some really memorable picturelike this:


Cute rite... Haha! I knew you will agree with me!

And after that we visited the famous Roo Tian Restaurant and the trabnslation is just simply Open Air! 

DSC07168 DSC07169

Budget Budget! Due to NO-TOO-MUCH-$$$-SPEND basis, I've ordered the simple Fried Pork with Ginger and Spring Onion, which happens to be so nice!

Last station of the day~ Langkawi Parade!

DSC07172  DSC07176

Just like those shopping mall you can find in any small pekan and with the long-known Teo Shoon Huat Duty Free shop, all those alcohol were so madly cheap! Hmm, any chocolates or alcohols order? Haha!!

And that it is! The KUAH-TOWN-ONE-DAY-TOUR!

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