Sunday, May 11, 2008

Curatorial Diary Day 01

Wow, I've never imagine such a beauty place Langkawi will look like. Breath taking beaches with all those magnificent view, sigh, you should come here by yourself to experience her beauty!

All the way from LCCT, and yet here we are in Langkawi!


Boon and me in the plane

I really HOPE you can see where I pointed, and FYI, this was taken so up high in sky!

Oh yes, as you can see, the plane flew by the Penang Island where using my 4 times optical zoom and 3 times digital zoom, i can finally see Penang Bridge in view. Phew~ that was really hard to hide the picture taking actions from stewardess.

And when reach the Langkawi Airport, I just can't help keep posing to get my very first picture on this lovely island.


Oh yes! Duty free island!


And yes, they have Starbucks (R) and Keny Rogers here


And yes finally we've reach our quarters a.k.a. employees hostel, and this magnificent scene comes into view! Woah! I get to watch sunset just right in front of my quarters. So relaxing and soul-healing after the hazardous final for the past month. I really couldn't imagine how i survived from all the tortures and depression from the papers.


Thank God It's langkawi!

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