Sunday, May 25, 2008

Island Hopping

This was so serious fun and time saving activities in which you may only spent few hours in touring some nice island. We've decided to do this on our very first public holiday where it only costs RM25 per person! yay!

Our destination:

Pregnant Maiden Island--> Eagle feeding at Lion Island ----> Wet Rice Island

I know it sounds weird for all the translated name, c'mon, it is what it is.


Hopefully you can see what I imagine, the tour guide wasn't properly explaining all this... *sigh*

And our very First stop of this tour was really this pregnant maiden's stomach where she actually has a very nice lake.


Paddle boat, kayak and swimming can be done over here, and my advice, do not *ehem* DO NOT take a manual paddle boat, you will wish you could swim back to the shore especially when you ride on a gear-failure boat.

A lot of foreigner actually visited the place, where this lake is so famous that it is to believe that may make a female fertile after swim/touch/drink the water in this lake, so, any request out there? ^__^


This very cute Australian kid was trying to do some flap-flap before he actually try to jump into the lake! And surprisingly, he can swim so much better than some adult! *applause*

Second station of the trip was to eagle feeding and it's so disappointing as we do not actually get to feed the eagle, but more to some observation activities.


Unless you have a camera with 100 times optical zoom with 99 times digital zoom, you can't really possible to catch those big birds on camera.

I wish these islands will really be protected by every single person who went, as Langkawi has joined the UN Geopark Team to preserved her beauty. Well, hopefully this will still be as beautiful when next time I'm back with my kids!


o, do you recognize him?



Anonymous said...

do u jump into the lake?

do u bump into any kawaii there?

--kAiBa-- said...

Haha! Bump in you mean, i can hardly meet 1 here!

The lake arr... looks pretty but damn dirty la... you still can see a layer of (suspected)oil on top... hmm hmm, i will think thrice before i jump!