Thursday, May 15, 2008

On my offday

Finally after a week, I have my very first day off! I still remember how excited i was few days back to wait for this day! Yay!

This is something which I encountered during a small walk along the beach (well, an hour plus walk consider small walk gua)

First, A post full of Morning Greetings!





Say what, you will always salute to those being so creative! I really likes it, and I get to saw another post ahead:

 DSC07433DSC07432 DSC07435

And this time, it is all distances from Langkawi to all the places! Woah! I wonder did they actually measured it or just simply created it.


Well, that's the end of Pantai Cenang! And also my very first day off.... T________________T


ryanne said...

Buenos Dias
i guess google earth can do all the measuring work right?
hmm, they should can get for the rest with the ruler feature.. didnt complete their work huh.. no good no good

--kAiBa-- said...

haha! But need to paint them and point them accordingly shan't us give them some credit? *applause* haha!

Thanks for the very first comment ya!