Wednesday, June 25, 2008

putting a full stop

i still able to recall the excitement when first i had my foot set on this lovely island.

it is not just because of the attraction of duty free zone, its also because of it's magnificent beauty and the myth which i yet to explore by using this very moment in life. practical training at underwater world langkawi is the least thing i'd expect in my life when i was first thrown into this pathetic university. 

i've learn alot.

learned how to talk.

learned how to precious lives.

learned how to care-taking and loving.

learned how to march my life forward (especially when meng-meng is gone).



tada! denise and kenny~ you're the best man! you two seriously made my day when i was in seal's. i kinda miss that "paip-bocor" incident we had, *psst psst* when are we going to do that again arr? denise, please try to increase your feeding ok? if not enough kindly ask for cod liver oil or mazuri tablets from dr yana, i bet she's willingly and happily to provide you with that! kenny~ you piece of sh*t! why had you go to h*ll so early? thought we're able to joke around more. well, you know what you two are the closest person that i've been with in the curatorial, thank HIM for giving me this opportunity to know you guys! buh-bye and take care ya~

*p.s. take good care of Pao, Karen and Nano for me ya, i mean it, GOOD care a!

*sob sob*


the most intelligent and mischievous veterinarian doctor i've ever met. dr. yana, you may want to consider to be more mature as you're getting married soon! may GOD bless you in your marriage and life henceforth.


cik aria, you are not like a supervisor at all!! you're just like another friend of us! thanks for bringing me to pasar malam in langkawi, buying some of my meals, be my consultant whenever i need information. thanks again for everything ya!

*psst psst* you should consider wearing skirt always, you look good in those!


kak yun~ how can i miss you?! by the way, don't walk around and telling people you're wearing pink inside! nobody will like to know that except kenny ng! haha! you seriously made my days here in langkawi. so sad that we might not seeing each other for sometimes...


gonna miss you number #21~ stop walking so stupidly can arr? cheer me up whenever think of how you walk to me! ^__^


SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't mis-thought i'm one of your kind! and don't do such mating behaviour to me ya! but i love the way you flapped and walk.. omg shadow, i'm gonna miss you too!


pao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't ever leave fish scales onto somebody's face when you kiss them! wiped your mouth clean!


marmar! don't scratch my sculp when you climb on it can arr? very pain de lo~



no matter how magnifico is the time in this, it will eventually comes to and end.

i'm gonna miss everything in here when i'm back at home.

i can hardly imagine the end to myself now, the river is wide, taking me into limitless blue waves... i had a beautiful life