Friday, August 29, 2008

Bamboo Grove - A Vegetarian Night

Ever since I'm sensible enough, I would never thought I would be a vegetarian.
Or in another word, I'll be miserable in days without meat. Yes, MEAT.
But somehow I gave my first taste of vegetarian food on my grandpa's funeral, which stirred up my hatred towards a world without meat. Yes, MEAT!
And when my mother ws diagnosed to be a diabetic patient, somehow vegetarian has become a regular meal at home, where amount of meat-made meal has been decreased. Yeas, MEAT.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a fans towards a world where meat was replaced by flour and mushroom stem, artificial flavouring and hypocritical diet. But, credit will sure flow to those who really made up a very good vegetarian dish where also as an exemplification of belief and practice.

A place of vegetarian restaurant in Kuala Terengganu where crowded of people, regardless of races and their believes. They have Chinese cook, Malay helpers, Mixed of Chinese and Indian customers, and also they advocate environmentalism by giving discount for those who come with their own container for taking-out.

creamo chicken with a real texture and flavour of chicken

curry mutton where the "mutton"actually taste so much like the real with the rank odour, wonder how they did that.

This is the most amazing sweet and sour pork where you actually can taste the fat part of pork out of it! Of course it is artificial fats, you wouldn't expect to get the real meat in a vegetarian restaurant!

Price for this meal I would say is reasonable but not cheap, once in a while is still worthy to try.

Go green, go vegetarian (but not me!^^)

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