Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beautiful Wonderland

Marine Park is an effort for the government to conserve the environment in the mean time to provide also the entertainment tourism mode for the public. I have always wanted to go to one of the marine parks and yet i visited 2 in this year! I've visited Kapas Island this April, and had been to Redang Marine Park yesterday.

It wasn't a bad island after all, just that the enforcement of some regulation might not be as strict as i will expect. dead corals, trash and all the man made construction, though it is disturbing but yet, you can really find a sense of peace in this island.

of course, my main purpose is that to look for parasites. yeah, FISH PARASITE! that is what is say, never try to eat any raw fishes before you properly clean them, gosh! imagine tonnes of nematods from just one fish~ you wouldn't want to see that for the sake of your appetite.

caught a very beautiful sunrise on the island itself.
found a very unique island standing solely by itself.
and yes~ a gift to me for this semester!the place have a marvelous sea view and a small lonesome island attached to it

magnificent view from the camping site

it was during the sun set i think... all surrounded by thin mist, it was the Berjaya Airport

you may see alot of schooling fish under the jetty's pillar... with faint yellow light from the jetty

magnificent sunrise with my posing ^__^

redang marine park... pretty!

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