Saturday, August 16, 2008

Negaraku vs Mamula Moon

(Please turn your speaker slightly louder)

For the sake of 22 years in my life, I didn't notice our national anthem was actually a COPY CAT!
Imagine that!

Wow~ Impressive information that! Kudos to the people who always claim themselves original!

Mamula Moon

one day i walked along
a moonlit island shore
and soon i heard a song
i’ve never heard before

i said who can it be
to sing so tenderly
and saw a dust he made
with lonely serenade

mamula moon
shine high above the southern sea
and like my love
say form again to me

we said goodbye
beside the blue lagoon
alone am i
with you mamula moon

i waved my hand
the grey ship sailed across the bay
on golden sand
that might i melt to pray

that i might see
my love returning soon
still true to me
and you mamula moon


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MingSheng said...

Its based on Perak's state anthem. Mamula moon is a variant of Malayan moon, which was also based on the anthem. So, Negaraku is a copycat, but only of Perak's anthem.

Dont they teach you taht in geography? At least the part where it was based on Perak's state anthem?

tut tut. Shame on you.