Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 reasons why get fat when away from home

1. there is hundreds and thousands of high cholesterol delicacies in the Ramadan bazaar
fancy egg-jello!


deep fried coconut shreds

2. somone just don't let your stomach rest before to sahul

3. invention of chocolate fondue even in the middle of nowhere

4. rushing for presentation and asignment where 16 hours out of 24 spending infront of a laptop

5. rainy day (what the heck?!) makes one hungry!!

6. good culinary skill and keep practicing it in the kitchen

7. stress releasing method by changing food into energy (what the...?)

8. lack of plain water where replacement to be soft drink

9. lack of sport kaki (mahjong as one kind of sport mah?)

10. other than all of excuses above and anything you can think of!


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