Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chamang Falls a.k.a. The Lover's Falls

It was a great day to visit the waterfall right after the rain in the afternoon (duh! obviously not). It so happened that we will pass by this average town and heading to the falls which leads my some barely meet juniors.

magnificent sunset view at Bentong

This waterfall was rather easy to be found in this town as there are road sign everywhere. The path getting to the waterfall is just like the typical mountain winding path, which takes about 15 minutes to reach the place.

Winding mountain path

The waterfall view was way better than the one I visited in Langkawi, but the water and the environment seems to be polluted where water actually shows a milky yellowish down stream.

Chamang Falls (Qing-ren Pubu)

Cam-whoring with three juniors from Bentong

Surprisingly the juniors (maybe I should stop calling them juniors) were so generously and kind enough leading us around the falls, which also have a chance to stepped on the hanging bridge leading to the other part of jungle.

hanging bridge spotted

Well, if you happened to visit the Bentong town, please visit to the fall instead.

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