Saturday, September 27, 2008

Delicacies in Kemaman

Before I have my foot stepped into Kemaman I thought the place was just like another ordinary-kampung-styled town. But I am aware that the famous coffee and stuffed crab is originated from here to other parts of this country.

And i was so lucky to have this opportunity to taste the famous dishes in Kemaman, thanks to my friends.

Busy street in Kemaman
Magnificent riverside view from town

We were on our way heading back to KL after a month of stress, which so happened we need to stop at this town for our lunch. The shop which we went, as follow, seriously holds its fame by publishing alot of articles and newspaper cutting to those who doubt how good is their food.
The famous stuffed crab restaurant

It is so crowded on a ordinary day where during lunch time you could hardly find a place to dine-in. the shop is famous of some seafood, in which they also serve some appetizing sour and spicy prawn too. We ordered some stuffed crabs, fried rice, and some mix-fried vege.

The famous stuffed crab

Now, how would I describe this? The shredded crab flesh mixed with some flour and meat, stuffed inside the crab's carapace, coated with a layer of egg-batter, deep fried till it cooked. the taste of the stuff content was nothing special, which means you couldn't really taste the crab on 'crab', but a mixture of something. The thing is, they have the seriously nice chili sauce as dip, where I could finish a bowl of white rice just with the chili sauce!

After the meal, we went for a cooling spot where the famous coffee shop in Kemaman, the Hai Peng coffee. It is so famous where the shop itself acted as the landmark for the town.

Famous and identical building

inner of the shop

the shop keeps the reminiscence decorations in which they have the early 60's F&N poster sticking on the wall, all sorts of meaningful antiques spotted around the shop. The coffee taste too commercialized in which they seriously a slight better than the normal kopitiam coffee, not worth the price thou.
Iced coffee

You may want to try to fulfil your curiousity, however, frankly speaking, it doesn't worth what its hearsay for.

Nice bright sky on our way back, where it seriously make my day! Happy Holidays!

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