Monday, September 22, 2008

Story Listener

I’m a story listener.

I like to listen to various kinds of story; I like to observe how rich will a person facial expression get when they are sharing. Joyful element always be the favourite one. Joy seriously does infect people. Though you were having very moody day, though outside was pouring rain, though you have lots of stuff to be taken care of, just listen to a joyful story and will make the rest of your day.

Stories need not to be fictions. Need not to be complex plotting. Real-life story is also a perfect sign of sharing. Of course, the real experience always touches people’s heart, making them to feel how the way you feel in the story.

Somehow, I realized that listening really skilful; you are not going to pretend you were interested throughout the listening process as it may be damn obvious how you take things easily. Pretending to listen is like you are faking your sincerity in the friendship, which also the worst thing you would expect from a friend.

Love may get faded but friendships are year- round. You may meet someone really breaks your heart but there is always a person who are readily lending his or her shoulder for you to weep, comfort you whenever you are ready. Commit into a friendship is however easier than commit into a relationship.

So, do you have any story to share? I have my ears prepared.


Christy said...

Ooo..I love listening to stories too; and not to mention reading and writing.
That's why I write a lot too..
All sorts of stories; in all my different blogs to share and to tell:)

I have a lot of stories; dunno which to start, you can read about them in my blogs...and if you happen to like supernatural ones, hop over to my

Nice blog you have here too:)

--kAiBa-- said...

thanks for dropping by!

sometimes writing really motivate people in learning to listen better!

sure will keep your blog updated!^_^