Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupidity and incurable

Cantonese - big head prawn

yes! it's me!
i also wonder why i was born as such, always turn thing wrong, missing things, never care for the consequences when do things, always just do because i want to do. i wonder what is in my brain, all grasses a? please better be, then i will have one more reason to blame myself.

stupidity and idiocy in a person is seriously incurable.

please, call me stupid.

* p.s. thanks to those who helped me out today. thanks.


Christy said...

Gosh...why would you want to call yourself stupid?
I don't ever believe in anyone being stupid....
Whatever it is, cheer up....don't let it beat you to "smash" yourself up like that.


--kAiBa-- said...

Thanks for the comfort!
Glad to hear from you again.

Just that sometimes, real life seriously will let you down or even makes you realize you're not that lucky anyhow.

Will cheer up!