Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tom Yam Luxurious Frenzy

I didn't know there is such classy place in town ever since i got my arse here in Terengganu 2 years back. The place, which according to a friend, was famous for it's Thai cuisine, which is also my favourite!

The Puribali
the restaurant was situated at the round-a-bout of Terengganu Batu Bersurat, which makes it hard to missed due to it's the only shop with such lighting at night along the street. The road from Secret Recipe may also lead to this restaurant in which a strategic place.

the inner deco of this restaurant sells a sense of romance and family where the lighting are soft, with air-conditioned ground floor, first floor with open-air environment.
deco on the wall with rich Siamese taste

There is these recommended dishes from the restaurant which in reasonable price.

medium sized Tomyam Talay Nam Sai of RM33

generous portion of Green Curry Chicken (Geang Keaw Wan Gai) of RM13

Gai Hor Bai Tuey (Pandan Fried Chicken) for RM12

The taste for the dishes is impeccable, which compared to all the stalls so-called-authentic Thai restaurant. recommendation to go for the TomYam Talay Nam Sai which also a little pricy but worth the taste!

This restaurant also have a very special instrument in collecting the bill!

Heaven for tomyam freaks!


silveraven said...

ooo! kristen is planning to go there so we might give it a try this coming hols. hahah~!

--kAiBa-- said...

Please! This is a must! haha...
challenge your taste bud!