Wednesday, October 29, 2008

La Hot Spring - hotty-scalding

It was another usual stress free trip which has been planned few months back
The destination for this trip is La Hotsring, which situated at the north most part of Terengganu State, nearly the Besut and Jertih interception.

On the way to the destination, it's really a wonder where you may see various kind of magnificent mosque buildings,

No kidding! Some just look so much like the Chinese temple or some Indian's, except with an onion found on top of the building. The trip took approximately 2 hours from Kuala Terengganu, following all the way up to Koat Bahru, and make a turning whenever you see a sign board. The main path to the hotspring is currently under renovation where you have to follow the winding and jolting palm orchard way where normal tar road was not seen. One thing to be careful is that cowdung is everywhere on the road, there's no use for you to apply the excellent driving skill in avoiding the bombs!

Main road under renovation
The entrance to the hotspring was rather primitive without any signs for places of interest. No parking fee was collected by right supposed to be an amount of RM2. No entrance fees, and there is plenty of food stalls around the area.

little stream with super cooling water

Just after unloading all the belongings from car, with the packages of food we've prepared for a perfect picnic meal, we're off to the amazing natural scene of the less anthropogenic sabotaged jungle.

The main pool
There is a public washroom where you can get changed, and a 2 to 3 minutes walk from the public toilet to the main pool. Visitors are unable to see the the mouth of the spring however, the water is believed, channeled from the mountain to the pool. This min pool has the exceptionally high temperature where your feet will turn red in no time once immersed into the water.

Wuuhuu! HOT!!

Err, I think I will better skip this one since I'm really a thermophobic person. There is another warmer pond just a cliffy downards from the main pool, where the water was channeled from the main. and further down is the super nice cooling stream, which is believed from the water fall further up in the jungle.

Physic 101: The therma distribution at La Hotspring
However, how will you define warm?
The warm section doesn't seems any cooler than the HOT! You can barely go into the pool where just the feet is the maximum boundary on the body part to be in there!

Cooler but still scorching hot
Huu huu~ someone get scalded!

Well, I seriously Prefer the cooler section, where you feel like exactly the ice water running through your skin!

... and spotted a BULLY!

Meal time we serve ourself the all time favourite curry chicken from Chia's recipe! The food was gone in the twinkling of an eye, where we finish all the bread we brought! Woah~ any challenge?

All-time favourite curry chicken!
Well, being the last half-year staying in this far east coast, it has been a mission not to regret in future time as missing a lot of places of interest! Though the driving was rather exhauting and damaging to the vehicle, worth it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Despite the boredom

Whenever you stop by somewhere near Gong Badak in Kuala Terengganu, Please, go visit some sotong goreng (fried cuttlefish) stores where you seriously will swallow your tongue down the throat. Not to mention the freshness of the cuttlefish as they have fresh stock everyday, also because of the unique chili sauce that they served over this place.

While enjoying the delicacies, I realized that the runway for the airport has almost done in construction. Reclamation of almost 2 kilometers runway is causing a adverse effect onto the shoreline and the marine habitat in the marine habitat. Such devastating move need not professional and scientific basics to understand how serious it can cause to the environment.

It was really a indignant incident in which the local educational institution does not even voice their opinion or to porpose any constructive resolution strategy in mainataining the natural environment, nor they even show any concern onto the matter. It is such a waste for the government and the local people to put faith in them which will benefits the local community. With tens and hundreds marine expertise, ecologists, marine conservation workers, scientist and also many more proffesor ranked personnel, not even any effort was done. This is sad and deplorable. Imagine a tertiary education institute who always flaunt the "sustainable environmental development" as their motive, and yet have destroyed more than tens of acre of mangroves for the unneccessary construction of religious centre and multipurpose hall. Despite the low number of students in the institution itself, also the robustness of the hardware facilities which not even fully utilized by the students and staff. Destruction of the major habitat as such seriously doesn't do much good to the environment nor to the study progree of the students and researchers.

Mentioning for 5 seconds in the lecture with such cowardly strength, complaining to the students on how you should or shan't, why wouldn't they turn those passive energy in producing beneficial moves?

Really, other than these, don't they seriously wanna voice out how seriously is the matter?
Flattering what is unreal is what the leaders do nowadays?
Ni*M*h~  (Gosh! sound so much like Patrick Teoh!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Series Freak

What normally will you see in university student a moment after all the classes and moment before final examination?


Yes! 24 hours drama time!

No matter what genre are those series in, all is that they are able to fulfill my hunger towards the chasing an episode after any meal time!

I will kindly share a list of some series of on going which are so addicted and felt lose while waiting for the new episode to show!

Eli Stone: Season 2

House M.D.: Season 5

Privileged: Season 1

Private Practice: Season 2

THE_YOU_CAN'T_MISSED - Prison Break: Season 4

THE_TOPIC_OF_THE_YEAR - Heroes: Season 3

Also, other than the western, I'm trying not to follow this 82 episodes drama of the year from TVB Hongkong, Jewelery and Extraordinary.

Now anyone joining me the lifestyle of making all the series into meals?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sky HIGH - Colmar Tropicale

After the ost suffer paper yesterday finally I'm able to organize the photos from the last holidays, where my friends and I went visited the Colmar Tropicale on Bukit Tinggi.

Look more like a chateau to me

This lovely place was a far far away after the dizzy and winding winding (more terrible than the path to Genting Highland), it took about almost an hour from the main entrance up hill to this. The castle like structure which is fully French-themed village style seriously brought me to a lifestyle which I was able to see only through the screen. Other than the continuous gentle breeze which tinge up your cheek was a heavenly feeling. Though we do not spend on the french cuisine which serve on the village itself, it appear to be that the surrounding will be likely a quite and whispering scent.

lovely fountain on the way in

French breakfast lounge

Other than the lovely structure which including cloisters, half-timbered houses, balconies, facades with ornate wood sculptures, paintings, gables, and some replicate edifices from the Renaissance. In this place they even set up a look-out point in which you may observed the whole scenery of the Colmar itself, from the amazing green view to the anthropogenic scene.

View from the look out point

Further up, they set up another Japanese-styled village which garnish with multiple of plants in the botanical garden. The botanical garden and the restaurant set up nearby allow visitors to dine with all phyntocide, forestbathing while dining!

Lovely koi pond

precipitous steps to the botanical garden

Japanese restaurant

The entrance fee of RM10 seriously worth the price where you can experience two different type of culture at the same time. Bath yourself in the phyntocide will definitely clean your lung full of the exhaust gases from the city!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

94670777.9 seconds

This is weird.
When you get older and wiser (as what i thought: 3 years in this uncultivated land) you tend to get more indolent.

If and only if I could extinguish all the unnecessary tests and assignments (which in my opinion is a waste of resources and time) from stealing my life.

So, a tertiary educated person may look glamour. You can puff up your chest with pride, ride on your own high horse, and you may look knowledgeable. But in the end, I will assure you that you wouldn't have practice even 5% of what you learn in this approximately 94670777.9 seconds. What does it feels like when you are not what you wish you were in the very end?

Pathetic life.
Seeing people enjoy their life while you're not.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rainy Day Don't Go Away

Cold coffee warm cigarettes
A splash in the grass
Got nothing on my proverbial plate
It’s rainin’ outside I think I’ll stay in and hide
Sometimes I like it that way
Rainy day don’t go away
It would suit me just fine if you’d stay
It’s here ‘till it’s gone and I’m feelin’ okay
Rainy day don’t go away

Records are playin’ and all my favorites are sayin’
The first things that come to their minds
Like there’s dishes that need washin,
And teeth that need flossin’
And the brakes on the Fords are startin’ to grind

Rainy day don’t go away
It would suit me just fine if you’d stay
It’s here ‘till it’s gone and I’m feelin’ okay
Rainy day don’t go away

Well a day is still a day regardless of what is or what’s not
Fallin’ down from the sky
Am I wrong?

And something tells me
Tomorrow ain’t gonna keep comin’ around forever
So I’m gonna take every last one of them I can get

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lil' bro's Moist Choc

It was my lil' brother's 20th birthday. Instead of buying those fattening commercialized birthday cake, my sis and I have decided to bake our own cake for him!cake in baking process

As since there is peaches available at home, we've decided to sliced it and set as topping for the cake!

peach topping moist choc

Of course, other than the cake, my mother also have her famous homemade tomyam steamboat ready for the main course where obviously it is a flavorsome dish!

yes! remarkable tomyam!

birthday boy cutting the cake

Wonder since when my family has upgraded their taste from beer and Coca-cola to red wine, well, the taste for this wine is so mellow, just lack of breathing time. should give it a try!

The moist choc cake was not a total success as the centre part of the cake was seems to be undercooked. It's what they say practice makes better, should able to produce a better one next time!

Happy Birthday Bro!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Isis from ANTM Cycle11

Please define beauty.

The picture you saw above is a transgender. I'm not sexism, nor I look down on trapped soul in wrong body. I was wondering how the people nowadays define beauty? Do they not feminize the word "beauty" anymore? Well, it's a common thing where we tag the metrosexual guys as beauty nowadays.

There is something always confused me. I know, "beauty" is a very personal thing. Everyone has different point of view on what "beauty" is. Try to google "beauty", surprisingly, you will find such beauty:

Beauty in African tribe

So, how do you define beauty? Scholar have said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", meaning each and everyone of us possessed certain extent of beauty in us, but somehow, these beauties may not be appreciated or agreed by others. Bizarre, breath-taking, charming, delightful, splendid, statuesque, graceful, beautimus, beautimus maximus. Innate beauty versus artificial, natural versus modified.

Now, How do we define beauty?
Is there any standard we may refer in differentiating beauty and ugly?
Now this is what they called beauty:

Clark from ANTM Cycle11

Samantha from ANTM Cycle11

Still, I know, these may be processed, but, isn't it beautiful?