Saturday, October 11, 2008

94670777.9 seconds

This is weird.
When you get older and wiser (as what i thought: 3 years in this uncultivated land) you tend to get more indolent.

If and only if I could extinguish all the unnecessary tests and assignments (which in my opinion is a waste of resources and time) from stealing my life.

So, a tertiary educated person may look glamour. You can puff up your chest with pride, ride on your own high horse, and you may look knowledgeable. But in the end, I will assure you that you wouldn't have practice even 5% of what you learn in this approximately 94670777.9 seconds. What does it feels like when you are not what you wish you were in the very end?

Pathetic life.
Seeing people enjoy their life while you're not.


Sum Yin's blog said...

How do you know other people enjoying life? You may see it from their apperance but may be they are not happy in their heart?
You can seek your way to enjoy your life too. Walking to the beach, watching and cloud and chating with friends are ways to enjoying life. Our life is good, but We do not know how to enjoy it.

--kAiBa-- said...

"Our life is good, but We do not know how to enjoy it."

Wow~ speaks of conscience~
true, it is where we are and how we do things nowadays. Enjoying life seems to be a luxurious for a stressful and those who seriously do not have lamp in continuing their routes.

Should cheer up ourselves! :)

BluOceanus said...

Ah so many graduates out there who are so arrogant of what they've learned in uni. Nothing beats experience. Am glad that you are not one of the many arrogant graduates churned out every year.

As for enjoying life, I think you do know how to enjoy life with your happy go lucky attitude but you are also critical of things around you. Don't let your critical sense stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Even if you have a great job with big salary don't mean you'll be settled for life. We human always want more.

Wish you happy graduation very soon!

--kAiBa-- said...

"Even if you have a great job with big salary don't mean you'll be settled for life"

Inspiring thought, I always thought that if I've achieved both those i might easily spend the rest of my life on an island.

Anyway, thanks for the super early wish! ^&^ glad to see you drop by!

LeighC said...

See, people always think that going to University is to get a degree and in that process, "learning" does not occur.

True, you may not need even 10% of the knowledge that you have gain. That is if you see education as a means to an end.

Education is to draw out the best in oneself. That at the end of the day if you are not a better person compared to when you first stepped into Uni... then even with a PhD, you have failed the core purpose of education

Graduate from Havard/Cambridge? Cool letters to be printed on your name card. But hey, those peple who are involved with the sub-prime issues in US, don`t you think that they are very brilliant graduates, so much so that they have managed to have fool giants of the corporate world into the financial turmoil that the world is suffering now?

It is the person that you become at the end of the day, not the letters in your name card next time.

So, brother... study hard!