Saturday, October 25, 2008

Despite the boredom

Whenever you stop by somewhere near Gong Badak in Kuala Terengganu, Please, go visit some sotong goreng (fried cuttlefish) stores where you seriously will swallow your tongue down the throat. Not to mention the freshness of the cuttlefish as they have fresh stock everyday, also because of the unique chili sauce that they served over this place.

While enjoying the delicacies, I realized that the runway for the airport has almost done in construction. Reclamation of almost 2 kilometers runway is causing a adverse effect onto the shoreline and the marine habitat in the marine habitat. Such devastating move need not professional and scientific basics to understand how serious it can cause to the environment.

It was really a indignant incident in which the local educational institution does not even voice their opinion or to porpose any constructive resolution strategy in mainataining the natural environment, nor they even show any concern onto the matter. It is such a waste for the government and the local people to put faith in them which will benefits the local community. With tens and hundreds marine expertise, ecologists, marine conservation workers, scientist and also many more proffesor ranked personnel, not even any effort was done. This is sad and deplorable. Imagine a tertiary education institute who always flaunt the "sustainable environmental development" as their motive, and yet have destroyed more than tens of acre of mangroves for the unneccessary construction of religious centre and multipurpose hall. Despite the low number of students in the institution itself, also the robustness of the hardware facilities which not even fully utilized by the students and staff. Destruction of the major habitat as such seriously doesn't do much good to the environment nor to the study progree of the students and researchers.

Mentioning for 5 seconds in the lecture with such cowardly strength, complaining to the students on how you should or shan't, why wouldn't they turn those passive energy in producing beneficial moves?

Really, other than these, don't they seriously wanna voice out how seriously is the matter?
Flattering what is unreal is what the leaders do nowadays?
Ni*M*h~  (Gosh! sound so much like Patrick Teoh!)


Anonymous said...

sotong goreng = fried squid...
not cuttlefish ler ==

--kAiBa-- said...

hmm, FYI, squid is one kind of cuttlefish. Anyway, depends on the usage of the word, not good in terminology though!