Wednesday, October 29, 2008

La Hot Spring - hotty-scalding

It was another usual stress free trip which has been planned few months back
The destination for this trip is La Hotsring, which situated at the north most part of Terengganu State, nearly the Besut and Jertih interception.

On the way to the destination, it's really a wonder where you may see various kind of magnificent mosque buildings,

No kidding! Some just look so much like the Chinese temple or some Indian's, except with an onion found on top of the building. The trip took approximately 2 hours from Kuala Terengganu, following all the way up to Koat Bahru, and make a turning whenever you see a sign board. The main path to the hotspring is currently under renovation where you have to follow the winding and jolting palm orchard way where normal tar road was not seen. One thing to be careful is that cowdung is everywhere on the road, there's no use for you to apply the excellent driving skill in avoiding the bombs!

Main road under renovation
The entrance to the hotspring was rather primitive without any signs for places of interest. No parking fee was collected by right supposed to be an amount of RM2. No entrance fees, and there is plenty of food stalls around the area.

little stream with super cooling water

Just after unloading all the belongings from car, with the packages of food we've prepared for a perfect picnic meal, we're off to the amazing natural scene of the less anthropogenic sabotaged jungle.

The main pool
There is a public washroom where you can get changed, and a 2 to 3 minutes walk from the public toilet to the main pool. Visitors are unable to see the the mouth of the spring however, the water is believed, channeled from the mountain to the pool. This min pool has the exceptionally high temperature where your feet will turn red in no time once immersed into the water.

Wuuhuu! HOT!!

Err, I think I will better skip this one since I'm really a thermophobic person. There is another warmer pond just a cliffy downards from the main pool, where the water was channeled from the main. and further down is the super nice cooling stream, which is believed from the water fall further up in the jungle.

Physic 101: The therma distribution at La Hotspring
However, how will you define warm?
The warm section doesn't seems any cooler than the HOT! You can barely go into the pool where just the feet is the maximum boundary on the body part to be in there!

Cooler but still scorching hot
Huu huu~ someone get scalded!

Well, I seriously Prefer the cooler section, where you feel like exactly the ice water running through your skin!

... and spotted a BULLY!

Meal time we serve ourself the all time favourite curry chicken from Chia's recipe! The food was gone in the twinkling of an eye, where we finish all the bread we brought! Woah~ any challenge?

All-time favourite curry chicken!
Well, being the last half-year staying in this far east coast, it has been a mission not to regret in future time as missing a lot of places of interest! Though the driving was rather exhauting and damaging to the vehicle, worth it!

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