Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lil' bro's Moist Choc

It was my lil' brother's 20th birthday. Instead of buying those fattening commercialized birthday cake, my sis and I have decided to bake our own cake for him!cake in baking process

As since there is peaches available at home, we've decided to sliced it and set as topping for the cake!

peach topping moist choc

Of course, other than the cake, my mother also have her famous homemade tomyam steamboat ready for the main course where obviously it is a flavorsome dish!

yes! remarkable tomyam!

birthday boy cutting the cake

Wonder since when my family has upgraded their taste from beer and Coca-cola to red wine, well, the taste for this wine is so mellow, just lack of breathing time. should give it a try!

The moist choc cake was not a total success as the centre part of the cake was seems to be undercooked. It's what they say practice makes better, should able to produce a better one next time!

Happy Birthday Bro!


Christy said...

Hey, that's not a me, it's the thought that counts:)
Your cake looked really lovely by the way, and I love those peaches (may be biased since I do love peaches anyway;p)

I bet your bro didn't mind or compare the cake to Secret Recipe or any famous bakeries because, it was really touching to have siblings put in that effort to bake a cake for him...I know I'd definitely feel touched:)

Oooo...not forgetting, Happy Belated Birthday to your bro:D

--kAiBa-- said...

haha~ he said "thank you"!

well, efforts count isn't it? maybe i should try some other fruits next time!