Friday, October 17, 2008

Sky HIGH - Colmar Tropicale

After the ost suffer paper yesterday finally I'm able to organize the photos from the last holidays, where my friends and I went visited the Colmar Tropicale on Bukit Tinggi.

Look more like a chateau to me

This lovely place was a far far away after the dizzy and winding winding (more terrible than the path to Genting Highland), it took about almost an hour from the main entrance up hill to this. The castle like structure which is fully French-themed village style seriously brought me to a lifestyle which I was able to see only through the screen. Other than the continuous gentle breeze which tinge up your cheek was a heavenly feeling. Though we do not spend on the french cuisine which serve on the village itself, it appear to be that the surrounding will be likely a quite and whispering scent.

lovely fountain on the way in

French breakfast lounge

Other than the lovely structure which including cloisters, half-timbered houses, balconies, facades with ornate wood sculptures, paintings, gables, and some replicate edifices from the Renaissance. In this place they even set up a look-out point in which you may observed the whole scenery of the Colmar itself, from the amazing green view to the anthropogenic scene.

View from the look out point

Further up, they set up another Japanese-styled village which garnish with multiple of plants in the botanical garden. The botanical garden and the restaurant set up nearby allow visitors to dine with all phyntocide, forestbathing while dining!

Lovely koi pond

precipitous steps to the botanical garden

Japanese restaurant

The entrance fee of RM10 seriously worth the price where you can experience two different type of culture at the same time. Bath yourself in the phyntocide will definitely clean your lung full of the exhaust gases from the city!

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